Abstract submission guidelines for EMBS 2023

 Submission of abstract for EMBS 2023 can be made ONLY using this online submission tool by filling. The deadline for submitting abstract is June 3rd at 11:59 pm (GMT). Please note that this is a final deadline and will not be extended.

Abstracts should be submitted by the presenting author in English. There is a limit of three submissions per presenting author (a single oral presentation and two posters). Exceptions will only be made in cases where an author is invited also to give a plenary presentation.

As the number of oral presentations is limited, conference organisers may not accept all abstracts submitted for consideration as oral presentations and may suggest to the author(s) a poster presentation instead.

  • Title (maximum of 20 words)
  • Authors (Given name, initial,Surname)
  • Affiliations (including address)
  • Presenting author
  • Presenting author email
  • Abstract text (maximum 250 words)
  • Boxes (an author can check both boxes, but the Scientific Committee will consider each abstract for a single format): Oral presentation; Poster
  • Abstract to be considered for the following session (2) (up to 2 boxes can be checked)
  • EMBS 2023 is partnering with the Journal Marine Ecology to publish a special issue highlighting research presented at EMBS 2023. If you would like your abstract to be considered for this special issue, please check this box. Note that the number of contributions for this special issue is limited, therefore, ticking this box does not guarantee inclusion of your contribution in this special issue
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